But we see potential in every material we used, every prototype and waste we produced and start to combine our uniqueness of design with our consciousness of sustainability to maintain the temporary.

»Second Objects« is more than the next upcycling project. It embeds the principles of sustainability into the idea of recycling our own projects

Reuse + Rethink + Recycle

Secon Objects Nummern_Zeichenfläche 1
Object 0038

A reused „GRID“ made out of a stretch sheet was the key piece for this sidetable. Combined with a frame which was cutted out and folded from a single piece of powder-coated metal.

Secon Objects Nummern_Zeichenfläche 2
Object 0003

Folded metal inlays in various matching colors were reused as storage containers. Either with rolls or with an handlebar these containers can be used as a storage system.

Secon Objects Nummern_Zeichenfläche 3
Object 709

Round metal Plates with a mounted pole are perfect for holding candles. With a mounted screw these plates can be combined in two different colors and lengths.

Secon Objects Nummern_Zeichenfläche 4
Object 0051

Single pieces such as a metal plate with a mounted pole and an elliptically wire frame were combined with a luminary unit to create an height adjustable lamp.

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